Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When you see something wrong happen so very often, you might forget how wrong it is and sometimes it may become right before your eyes. There are so many examples, but in this case I mean the demons haunting our high offices of power and indeed ourselves; corruption, tribalism and hatred. These words are almost cliches in the society we live in, we forget what they mean until we finally see the true definition unfold before us when it happens. Then we pause to think if that is what we really meant when we uttered the word. And we get shocked.

I regret that people had to die because of an election fraud. It's a touchy subject and people don't want to hear that story anymore, let alone talk about it. When the 'war' began and people were shedding blood, some of us said; let them die! But when they saw the the pictures on TV of helpless human beings being hacked in pieces, some of them paused. I'm glad for those who paused to re-think if it's the same thing they meant when they said; let them die! But they are still not much different from the killers, I think. Also I think all those killings could have been avoided by the same people who instigated them. And they are not many.

There is no excuse for corruption whatsoever. The same way I would not excuse an individual for robbery considering that he is poor. Yes, we are humans and have desires and fall into temptations. But we are humans and have a conscience so when do something we should be ready to embrace the consequences and responsibilities that come along with that act, wholly.

I ask people this- and I always get the same answer- if you had a chance of 'looting' a significant amount of public money, and you were sure of impunity because your boss who is your employer is also in it, if you had that one chance to steal and get rich fast, would you take that chance? Apparently the answer is obvious to many- YES. So why are you mad at your leader again? It is exactly what he is doing, he is just being mjanja (as most of my specimens put it). If you would, just ssshhhh and wait for your turn to loot! If it doesn't come, too bad. But it doesn't come, you get yourself to it.

It is tricky, when we do corrupt deals among ourselves, we don't see it as corruption. We are just scratching each other's backs. And we brag about it. Around campus, corruption is the in-thing. If you did it and didn't proclaim it, that's a waste of a good source of fame and pride and the sense of being mjanja.

All I'm saying to you my good people, change should come within ourselves. The next time you condemn those MP's, ask yourself, are you any different? The next time you ask for new representatives in the August house, ask yourself, will they be any different? The next time you ask for change, ask yourself this, where will it come from? Because in a small or big way you might find yourself alone as the midwife, to deliver the new change. Ask yourself, can your people rely on you to deliver them the change?

Tribalism. Another ghost, we just play with it. You don't know how ugly it is until you face it. And it so real!

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Shiko-Msa said...

We're also corrupt. We dont want to queue for PIN registrations and such like stuff. We'd rather pay someone to do it for us. I'm guilty as charged.

Screamer said...

Now that you know you are corrupt what are you going to do about it, if there's anything to do about it?

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