Saturday, April 4, 2009


I invited Becky over to my place last week... and she CAME! All the way to from Kiambu just to come see me. I was so glad to see her after that long, about six months. She still looks beautiful. Okay, Becky is just a friend... or a little more than that but not that other thing. Notice that? I said thing. Wait, you'll understand.

I was telling Becky about these girls I've been having while she's been away, she keeps asking and she bugs when she starts, I don't like talking about it... with HER. And she noticed I never use the word 'love', even just in conversation. Like instead of saying 'fall in love' I say 'being in that situation' and stressing on the word 'like' when I actually mean 'love'. Yeah, I admit. I'm not so fond of the word. And then that she mentioned I noticed I rarely say those three magical words chics like to hear- 'I love you'. Becky condemned me for that, just because I don't say I love you. My explanation is; I'd rather not say it unless I mean it! Is that so wrong?

Not more than a week later after our conversation I decide to send Becky a text, I tell her I love her. She says I'm just playing, that I just want to see how she'll react! Upto that point, I just don't know. She said she loves me too, but I just don't know which love she was reffering to, I don't even know which one I was reffering to, you understand?

I spend too much time with the boys is what she claims, that they corrupting my mind. The love doctor was talking, telling me that the way to a woman's heart is when you do to her the things that you swear you wouldn't otherwise do, dropping the ego. I'm like okay. Don't get me wrong though it's not like I'm trying to be 'hard'. I know how to treat them ladies, I just won't lie to them, especially when it comes to LIKING them. Just be cool and we can have fun, alright? Don't start with all that talking, getting all mushy trying to re-enact a scene from your favourite soap opera!

Then there is the question of when to say it. After what, three days, weeks, months? Is there a standard time? Jeez, I might just go out and tell every female that I love them!

For real, I'm training my mouth to get used to the taste it gets after saying the word.

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joyunspeakable said...

Just today was with an hilarious guy i met 'mabatini' aka the food joint in industrial area...

he seeks women, he is slow to say I love you...even if he says it, he does not understand him that's emotions and he is not an emotional person....

can ladies agree with men? Men are only in for the joy of the moment...not for a trail of emotional bad

Mama said...


I am confused, what is Becky? You said she's just a friend but not the other 'thing' please elaborate for the slow Mama....since I noted you were telling her about the girls you 'have been having, while she has been away'?!!

I have had two boyfriends in my life and both of them were so fond of saying 'I love you'. Honestly, I wonder if I am a chic coz I dont like being told such things, more than that I never say it!!

Our Kid said...

He he. Its not the SAYING it that matters. It is the MEANING it. So you were right there.

But the TEXTING it? That is er.. weird.

Shishi said...

Ive realised most of my dude pals say 'nakupenda' instead of i love they wont say I LOVE YOU..that its easier in Swahili....pleeese!
Nwy, like our Kid said, its meanign it that matters.

Screamer said...

Our kid, you know... you are right about the texting. But I didn't mean to tell her I love her as in LOVE you... I know the rules of the game so don't get worried.

Thank you for all the people who think its not the SAYING it but the MEANING put to it when you say it... question is; what if it takes longer than you thought before you feel it and she starts looking at you funny when she says it first and you just stare?

Shisi, my friends tell me ati they say 'nakupenda' when they are not sincere!

Now mama, I'll try and tell you the long story of Becky, I promise. So do you just plainly hate to hear the words or is it the insincerity that comes with it?

Guys tell me, "Ah, 'I love you'? I can say that anytime, no problem!"

Mama said...

Actually Screamer, I feel uncomfortable when someone tells me that...maybe coz it's such a foreign thing to me...

The genesis of this, I guess parents aren't the type to say 'I love you' unless they are giving me a when someone says it, it just makes me feel weird!

Moreover those words are just lip service for most men, so a girl just never knows for sure.

Screamer said...

True dat.

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