Monday, June 8, 2009


I once watched on Tyra Bank's Show ( Yes, I watch Tyra, so what! But not so much for it to make me a sissy.) little boys and girls talking about cyber bullying, little kids took their own lives because someone they had never met kept telling them awful things like how ugly they looked or how stupid they are over the internet. Well, that's very sad- that they had to kill themselves, but the 'bullies' were right on that part about them kids being stupid!

Anyway, anyway... I wasn't going to write anything until when I was seated before this computer and this idiot passed by and tried to peep on the monitor so I quickly minimized everything, then I suddenly had something stupid to write about- stupid people!

It occurred to me like a vision, walaaaah! Our lives are now split into two; real lives and cyber lives. The internet is now such a big part of our lives... it's not bad. And it's made privacy so hard to achieve. I am not so good at keeping secrets. No, I'm not one of those who go on yapping uncontrollably and before I know it I said something I wasn't supposed to say, NO. Those kind of secrets I can keep. Or to be more accurate, it's the evidence of secrets I find hard to contain in obscurity. It's like spilling water and not wiping the floor hoping nobody will notice or that it will dry up before someone finds out there is water spilt. So to me the internet is the perfect place for me to keep the 'evidences' of my secrets without having to worry much, no one will find it there. At least no one I know.

So when this moron was peeping, trying to see what I'm upto on the internet I felt this overwhelming urge to punch him in the face. Look, didn't you get the hint when I minimized everything? The dude still hang around over my shoulder, gazing at the desktop! Well, damn him.

On other stories, yesterday was my birthday. 7th June was when the kid was born. I had the most people wish me a happy birthday ever since I can remember celebrating birthdays, thanks to facebook. And they said facebook was bad! I was glad. And I didn't do anything stupidly crazy like most people do on their birthdays, or just certain people whom I know. Anyone of you still want to wish me a... arrgh whatever! It's too late to say happy birthday but just go ahead and make me happier!

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any exergeration or wrong use of the word 'stupid' . The author is also not liable for any emotional distress that may arise from reading this blog post. Sensitive readers are warned not to read twice!

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Mama said...

We can still say, happy belated birthday Screamer.

Shiko-Msa said...

Happy belated birthday screamer.

Those cyber peeps! Just Windows+M them.

willpress said...

Na bado you havent seen! Back in the day when i used to go surfin in school uniform, am seated next to this very inquisitive chap:

"So, what are you checking out?"


"I hope its not porn coz that devil has taken away many of our young kids"

blah blah blah apparently he was one of these evangelical types who dnt mind invading your privacy to infect you with the gospel. .

I almost cursed at the dude. .but i instead decided to key in a very dark website about jihads and how to make home made bombs. .si alichomoka!

Yeah, hapé birthdé. .hope ulijibamba sana. . Mine's in a few days lol :-)

Screamer said...

I sure am happier!

Screamer said...

How to make home made bombs? Give me me the website address!

joyunspeakable said...

happy bathday...go take a bath....of your mind I mean....the guy looking at you thought you had something there you are...out for a bath...hehehehe

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