Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ever since that dreadful day,
A day won’t pass before the thought crossed my head,
I probably think more of it than I think of sex,
We all are nothing but just bags of meat,
That’s why the mind may want but the body is weak,
Bite yourself to feel it you’ll see,
I don’t un
He was perfectly fine- just that he couldn’t breathe,
Tiny holes on his back and his head led him to sleep,
It’s not us in this form,
We could have been anything but we are who we are,
It never used to bother me, it’s weird now it does,
I just pray for that day when evil should reside not with us,
They crept up on my friend,
Trailed him in the dark,
Set up an attack,
Pierced through his heart,
Took nothing he got,

Sometimes I wonder how it feels,
To take a life that God Himself gave,
That God Himself made,
That God Himself saved,
That God so loved,
That His only son died for,
We’re just bags of meat,
We’re just pieces of flesh,
In this form as we know it,
In this form we are nothing!
In the soul we are something.

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Shiko-Msa said...

You do poetry? Nice.

Wyndago said...

You didn't know? Yeah, i do poetry. I should post more o' those.

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