Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It is a very well known church now and it needs no introduction like it used to a couple of months ago when folks even demanded for it to be explained to them why the name Mavuno (Swahili word for harvest), presuming it meant a place where money is being extorted from the congregation in form of offerings. I don't know why the name Mavuno but it I sure come out that dome at Belle Vue every Sunday with a lot more than I came in with, spiritually. If you haven't already heard of these beautiful 'fearless influencers'(that's what they call themselves) cropping up in Nairobi ask yourself, in which cave have you been living in?

No kidding, the first time Mavuno came around, I was skeptical. Everyone in my neighborhood was skeptical (proud to say here that Mavuno is in my hood). At first we didn't even know it was a church. I don't remember how I began going there but now missing a sermon is something I can't bear to do! Ever my mother got into the mix! She was a sort of a critic. All my family goes there.. except for Dad but he never goes to any church. Perhaps we'll have to make him work on that.

Okay, now down to what they do down at Mavuno they are very friendly and sooo welcoming right from when you arrive at the dome. This is what I most like about Mavuno, the fact that, contrary to a misguided belief, it is for everyone!!! Not a group of people of a certain social class, or a certain age group... anyone would feel at home at Mavuno. The sermons; Pastor M and pastor Simon are doing a tremendous job. They will make God seem closer than we always try to put Him. They will make you see how God is relevant in your life. For most us tend to think, even subconsciously, that God was for Abram and Moses and that He wouldn't understand what we are going through because times have changed. I know God has blessed me a lot, before Mavuno I wasn't a church goer. My excuse was that church was far. Now its right at my doorstep, and its so amazing and no one can convince that God didn't have me in mind when he was showing these great people where to set camp.

Good people of Nairobi, come to Mavuno and let's change this city and the world together!

Disclaimer: As you can tell this piece was written when the writer was extremely ecstatic, just overlook the craziness and join him at Mavuno this Sunday!

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Adhis said...

I remain unconvinced regarding the part that it's for everyone. I think it's a bit too cliquey and that ostracizes the newcomers. I believe in their message but I think that it is fundamental for Church to = Family for the message of Love, God's love to be effectively shared.

On a different note, for the cliques that have formed as such, it IS family so YAAY for them. [there are no sarcastic undertones...i promise]

God Blesha

Wyndago said...

First off, thank you for your comment Adhis. So have you ever visited Mavuno, you must have, haven't you? I don't know what you mean but you may be right... partly, which would make you partly wrong, but who am I to say?

Anyway, you are always welcom to join my clique at Mavuno.

Sleek said...

Seeing as i'm miles away, i'll wait for their branch in UG...but it's always great to find such a place

Wyndago said...

Mavuno IS in UG, i think. Let me confirm it.

Anonymous said...

Branches again like in Business.

Anonymous said...

wish i could find the link to everydays sermon.

nairobi Chapel.

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