Friday, November 20, 2009


Fresh outta college. Job seeking now.. internship, whatever. So I find myself at the doorsteps of the company I worked for about a year ago on attachment. I know his name so I spit it out when I was asked whom I wanted to see, right there at the gate by them uniformed watchmen- the human resource guy. How hard can it be to see a person without an appointment? So they called in to check if he was in, right from the gate. No he's not in, but you can wait, they say, pointing at the bench.

'Right here?!', i thought. 'It rained this morning, its drizzling, i'm freezing, i have only a shirt on, you want me to sit here on a wooden bench with you!' Haha, funny. What the hell is the reception inside for?

I just want to drop shit and I'm out. Convinced they let me in. Lie. But the other lie was on me though, at the reception I ask for Mr. Musyoka, that's the human resource boss, and the receptionist says he's in.

'Have a seat and wait.'

The stupid idiot didn't want to see me all this time! See, he told me last year that I could come back when I get done with college. Perhaps I should have made an appointment then. The receptionist did a good job though, bugging him every other minute about this young man waiting. 'Til he asked for me to be put on the phone.


'Hallo, my name is Wyndago...'


'..and I was here on attachment last year and...'


That 'SO?' just threw me off. I had to rearrange my thoughts.

'You told me I could come back so i...'

'I told you to come?'

'NO! ...I mean yes. No, you told me last year.'


They were nice to send me down a cute lady to talk to me. No space for me until maybe January. MAYBE. So now I'm looking at other alternatives.
This job seeking business is just something. That was just my first attempt and it was enough to make me want to do my own thing! Actually, no... I've always wanted to do 'my thing' ever since forever, today's incident just rekindled the feeling. But can one do his thing being fresh out of college? YES. I mean, it's possible, isn't it? No room for negative thoughts.

Anyway, before I settle down to doing whatever it is I'll end up doing, I'm open to work any where. Even volunteer work, perhaps I should start by helping to plant trees in the Mau. My aim is to gain experience in whichever field, and in interaction, handling and working with different people. Yes, I said whichever field. You can't believe how fast I can learn and perfect a skill. I mostly want to work for small time people, businesses that are trying to come up. You have a small business? Call me. E-mail me, shadywane(at)gmail(dot)com.

So what skills do I have? I can write. I love it, to write that is. Computers, I'm fond of these machines. I can network a set of computers and do lots of other amazing stuff with them. Currently I'm learning how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design). I can sing, everyone says I should have been on Tusker Project Fame and that both Alpha and Ng'ang'alito have nothing on me. If you got kids you can hire me rock 'em to sleep. Or even yourself. Another skill I posses is in motors. Those are tremendously awesome machines, people. They are applicable in almost every other machine system. I can go on and on, but I'll close this chapter by saying, I cook good too. A brother has skills.

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Kelvin said...

Pole about that incident buddy. I remember my first day of kutafuta kazi very vividly (was practically thrown out of...everywhere). Take heart and keep going.

I would pick the "do your own thing" option :)

Wyndago said...

Thrown out?! Gee, comparatively i gues mine went tremendously well! Thanks though, Kelvin.

Anonymous said...

I ceased looking for a job in Kenya after it was hammered into my head that one must know someone inorder to get a job. I decided to leave the country and try something of my own. I don't regret.

Wyndago said...

Bomseh, how long did it take for it to be hammered into your head that you have to know someone? Cuz i refuse to accept that as true (at least for me), and like Mutahi Ngunyi, if i'm wrong i refuse to be right.
But my aim is to do my thang anyway.

Sleek said...

A brother has too many skills man...God speed.
And BHH(Blogger's Happy Hour) is an excuse for bloggers to meet, once every month and be young, be foolish..

Tricia said...

I so get this whole job seeking ish! Lord it is a was also hammered to me that i must know someone who knows someone! Arggggh! I also wanted to do my own thing and after a year of internship,i think its better. Just map out your plan..think about the whole investment. My only thing is convincing the folks that its worth it. All the best.

Mama said...

You will get something great Wyndago, dont fret too much about it. I am praying for you. Althoug I don't know how great an email "shadywane" is, I hope you don't use that in your job applications.

You don't really have to know someone who knows someone just put your affairs in order and you will be there. Don't be employed for too long though you need to do your own thing coz you are a guy and you will get bored. And yes, you got skills I see.

Next year I will be rooting for the 5M for you in TPF4.

Colouredinsepia said...

A multi talented brother!:)nice!
I can relate to this post all too well...the job search is quite the challenge but if u can do ur own thing do that..its always more satisfying to know you are working for urself:)

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