Monday, December 21, 2009


Blogging, which I began as an experiment, has been such a fulfilling experience for me. I started off pretty confused but now that I’m enjoying it, it engenders the feeling that one does not command a strong presence on the web if you don’t have a blog. A blog is like a baby you give birth to and nurture to its full growth, the son (or daughter) that is going to represent you and speak for you. One thing I have learnt in this blogging business is that bringing up a healthy baby is difficult.

Honestly speaking I’m still partially confused about my baby. Sometimes I wonder if I picked the right path for my son to follow as he grows. Every parent wants their kid to amount to something in the future. I remember when I newly became a parent some old parents advised me; just let the kid be, allow him the liberty of choosing his own future, he’ll be okay. He is your baby, don’t let anyone tell you how to raise him! I liked that advice. I adhered to it. But sometimes I wanted to cover my face when people saw my son, because when they see my son they see me. When they see my mistakes manifest in my son, they see how fallible I am, you follow?

Anonymity is something you should greatly consider before you plunge yourself into blogosphere, especially if you intend or may find yourself writing personal posts from time to time. This varies from person to person, some people first start with an alias only to give it up and reveal themselves as soon as they get comfortable with it, others start and continue with their real names to the end. In blogoshere, you may have the right to remain silent, but whatever you say can and may be used to judge you in the court of blog. When I began blogging, I knew little about the activity. My url had my full name in it and it didn’t take me long to want to change it, only recently did I find out that I could do that, so I did.

The Sanctum, you want to know how that name came about? I was listening to Eminem’s ‘sing for the moment’ song, and the cursor kept blinking at the name-of-blog space… then came the line ‘..a sinner’s mind is a Sanctum..’ in the Eminem song, and the rest is history. I don’t know if a random pick of a blog’s name like that is wise, do not do that, unless you want to end up with names like Doubt Fire. Nevertheless, I don’t think the meaning of my blog’s name deviates so much in describing the blog. My advice to aspiring bloggers is to hold a vigorous debate in your head before you proceed to choose a name for your blog to make sure it gives a hint to what the blog is all about. Most importantly, just be unique.

Everything about this blog is random like that. Every now and then along the way I wanted to give it a new image, a new identity. Blogging can become so confusing when you cover everything and anything that comes to your mind. Both for you and your readers, but it’s cool if you can handle it, I think I am. Just that I would prefer to know where to go to to read about what. To give an identity to your blog, stick to one or a few subject topics please. But not this blog, just trust me you future parents, you hear me? Stick to a few subject topics! Do not follow into the crooked steps of this baby.

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Sleek said...

but you do go deep on us quite often..good stuff this, great tips. I often muse about my baby too, and given the fact that in Ug we meet fellow bloggers, anonymity doesn't quite work...

Wyndago said...

We should try that in Kenya, meet fellow bloggers.
I go deep? Thanks.

Colouredinsepia said...

Iv just 'found' ur blog (ya ryt..u found me bt details details) and im soo excited!!meeting other pples babies (2continue in ur analogy-speak) is always a super cool experience and I especially like how ur baby sounds...lemme keep reading *rubbing hands together*
p.s anonymity is very sound advice!!

Patrina said...

I loved what you wrote on "Pages of my Journal on Dec 23. So here I am. I like what I see and hear...someone who isn't afaraid to go Deep! Someone who speaks of God as if they know Him.

So glad to have found your "not so private" place. I'll be back after Christmas for a deeper read.

May the Christ of Christmas cover you with His love and give you His Peace. May He rejoice over you with singing. zEPH. 5:17


Wyndago said...

Colouredinsepia welcome to The Sanctum. I'm excited too everytime a fellow blogger reads me. Enjoy.

Patrina, thank you so much. I'm glad you found me. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I like your baby and the way you are raising him. He is totally random and beautiful.

Wyndago said...


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