Thursday, December 17, 2009


Once upon a time

I was sort of like
Like so bored of life
I discarded the fight
I discouraged myself
But I saw the light
Now I so delight
But I’m cold as ice
And I was poor as mice
But just what I thought I was
I have gold, I’m wise
When your thoughts are nice
When they’re clean and white
You’ll escape demise
I mean, sort of like
Like sure I’m right
No, like soul and mind
Yeah that’s it, I’m right
I like these poems I write
When I mold it up
Like sort of like
A pot or cup
That’s how I grew up
I was well molded up
So now I’m like
Sort of upright

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Sleek said...

mudly..i like.twould make for great rap lyrics

Wyndago said...

Glad you like it. You listen to rap?

lulu said...

wow nice...yeah sleek listens to rap. i really like the way you use the 'sort of like' repetition. great poetry stlye
, loads of rhythm

Sleek said...

i'm tempted to deny, going by the tone of the question..but yes, i do occasionally assault my brain cells

Wyndago said...

Sleek, come on now, what tone? Good to know you do 'assault' your braincells :)

Tricia said... the rythm too

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