Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Our women don’t appreciate us enough, and that is what they are doing wrong. But we love our women so much, it’s not out of place to hear one of us assert that Nairobi women are the most beautiful, curvaceous and sexiest beings on earth, but I am yet to hear a single woman, even when intoxicated with the drink or in my wildest dreams (and I do dream wild dreams), say that Kenyan men are romantic. That is just the general perception but it’s sadly true even when reduced to individual level. Our women want us to do everything and give nothing back, and by giving back I don’t mean sex.

Here is a theory that our ladies have been transfixed on long enough for them to believe it and it’s almost become a law: A woman shall not admit to a man how she truly feels because if the man finds out he will but only take advantage of it and break her heart. A Kenyan woman will like you, but she wouldn’t admit just how much because you just might feel too sweet, so a man may go ahead and say all the i-love-you’s and i-miss-you’s, call her all the babe’s and the sweetheart’s, you might as well get laid but she will not say it with her lips that you are romantic or the best. No out-of the-ordinary compliment will come your way, buddy. And trust a Kenyan woman to say something mean whenever you blow your own horn. Things like “Boy , please..” and “Don’t flatter yourself, Romeo”, feel me? But dare you stop the gush of compliments to her and all over sudden you don’t really love her.

This is even truer for women who have undergone a heartbreak at some point in their life. Yeah, that’s where another prick of a man spoils it for the rest of us and you end up becoming the relationship messiah, paying for the sins of another. She really likes you and really wants you but will always keep you close enough to not ward you off or make you feel unwanted. You are never going to know for sure and she won’t make a choice after a long time yet pushing her to the corner might not be the best thing to do. I heard it and happen to know that it’s a risk to let someone else in completely, but women and their emotions… when love ends it becomes disastrous for them.

For women who are uncontrollably scared of heartbreaks, I probably could understand but our women have an unreasonable trait of always putting us down when we are working hard to impress them, possibly to trim or keep our pride in check. Men are men, we have an ego, take our masculinity away and what do we have left? I’d say nothing. So ladies let your man have his moments and when they arise, lie if you have to we do that all the time.

“Hey, baby you’re the best”

“You’re the handsomest on the planet”

“My ex has got nothing on you”

You know, little lies here and there, you think we don’t like that crap? If it didn’t cross your mind then now you know.

Lastly, I hereby testify that all the women from the rest of the world have got nothing on our Kenyan women! And that’s real.

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lulu said...

ahah, try ugandan girls...but a majority fall in the catergory of being hurt one too many to trust anatha man in

Wyndago said...

Lulu then i guess Ugandan men are doing something wrong and they should try Kenyan men.. they may not get heartbroken that many times.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I always preach. I love Kenyan women only. I am that patriotic, plus a Kenyan is the only type I can really relate. If only I could be appreciated some more....

rockhead said...

heheheh this is a good article and it's so true. You've opened my eyes coz I didn't know guys care for compliments. But, truth be told, you guys are not romantic. I'm yet to meet one

Wyndago said...

Bomseh, u know....?
@rockhead ok, point taken, u haven't met me but i exist. Plus, there's still room for the rest of Kenyan men to learn the skill of romance...

savvy said...


Werent you going to get married at some point? Or someone had stolen your heart...you had met online, wait let me go to your blog for the update.

Anonymous said...

@Savvy, maji yalimwagika. Was my 2010 present.

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