Friday, January 15, 2010


The Sanctum is one year old! That makes me almost as excited as I would be if it were my birthday! It’s a miracle that this blog is still standing and I’m incredibly exhilarated about that fact. I absolutely love this blog, especially what it is now as compared to what it used to be, from its new url, new username, new template and few but very worthy new readers especially those who leave ‘educated’ comment(s). Thank you all very much (this is starting to feel like a grammy award acceptance speech). This may also be an opportune time to thank the twins of the Kenyan blogosphere, the duo that was there in the beginning, fellow bloggers who have been such an inspiration to me… and they are… *drum rolls*…. Shiko-Msa and Mama. Thank you guys.
The Sanctum wasn’t much when it began but I think it’s grown and matured into something beautiful, the place where I can just be and let it all out. The place I can just swim and wallow in my words (the rhyming- that happens occasionally when I feel poetic like right now).

If The Sanctum was a place, it would be something close to what Mr. Michuki envisions Nairobi to be, a place of quiet and peace yet buzzing with activity. If The Sanctum were to be a person, well, it would be me. If it were to be a car, it would be a Bentley. If it were a machine then it would be a… umm, what the heck, I don’t know. You fill in the blank. All I know is I want to say the best things about this blog like I wasn’t the one writing it so that I can come back and read this and act surprised and pleased like I’m not the one who wrote this post! Just like how I sent myself Christmas cards, trust me, it works the same as when you receive them from another person.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the show, The most popular post I ever wrote until now judging by number of comments, to my surprise, was the one I bashed Safaricom in. Popularest by far! It got 29 comments. Maybe less if you subtract my own comments but still… people have got issues with that mobile phone company. I would also bestow that post with the ‘Most Informative Post On The Sanctum’ award, because of the amount of constructive information every comment added to the debate. I want to the thank everyone who contributed to the comments. It’s a double win for that post.

The ‘Most Bitter Post’ award, I think that would go to the one which begs for permission to save the day. What caused the bitterness, you wonder? I would tell you but I want you to find out for yourself but you can easily guess, they are the leading source of bitterness on the planet, ironically and arguably also the leading source of joy. You can read this post to contrast, where there may still be bitterness but not on my side, it’s a dilemma.

The most passionate post… and the award goes to ‘HIV/AIDS And My People’, a post for my sick but alive brothers and sisters and a tribute to all those who succumbed. I love you all.

The Most hilarious post this past blogging year was, be silent now here it comes, don’t even walk… this post! I do not write many funny posts so this may be as funny as I can get, or perhaps we will find out this blogging year. And if I’m not funny then I just might have a new entry in my list of facts that I just won’t accept!

Last but not least, I’m going to say right now I’m sick of talking- the sternest post. And that brings us to the end of this prestigious ceremony

I’m so thankful this day fell on a Saturday, Aloha everyone! It means hallo but I just felt the need to use that word. I need to rush to the spot and celebrate…

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misterNV said...

Happy 1 year blogovassary!

Wyndago said...

Thanks. Welcome to The Sanctum!

Wyndago said...

Thanks. Welcome to The Sanctum!

Mama said...

I am sorry I don't leave 'educated' comments but believe you me I won't stop posting my jibberish here!

Happy Blogversary my dear, I know we have come from far "" seriously what were you thinking?!! When you wrote your real name I though maybe you will be publishing scholarly materials.

Did you ever get to know how to differentiate Shiko and Mama? and thank you.

Wyndago said...

Yeah, Shiko-Msa is the one on twitter and Mama the one... in the real world? :)
And on The Sanctum, every comment is educated.. cheers!

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