Monday, February 23, 2009


This thought has been lingering in my mind for a long time now, but the Hague issue just couldn't let it just rest in my head anymore. To cut to the chase, I don't think the Hague was a good idea, but my reasons are purely non-political but moral and inspired by the dignity that I do so much to protect.

Much has already been said but allow me to add my voice to it. I wasn't there but let me take you back in time during the colonial days. Not all black Africans were opposed to the whiteman's regime, some actually wanted them to stay. And they were accused as traitors and haters of their own. Some were put to death, killed in cold blood. Those men and women who wanted the whiteman to stay had predicted the demise of 'organised' society with the deperture of the whiteman. They said an African couldn't lead. They said atleast they ate while the white man came up with blue prints of new buildings and new agriculture techniques. They said their fellow Africans would be divided along tribal lines (which they already were before the whiteman was kicked out the country, and don't even blame the whiteman for that) and that they would be corrupt, the wise men of that time predicted it. Why are we proving them right today?

It's like those same people died and came back, I hear them screaming saying "let the whiteman judge our criminals!" because Africans, us, we are divided along tribal lines. We have corrupt leaders, it's not our fault they are corrupt! I say its not them its us. Many of us would rather see the whole government disbanded and in its place a group of white foreigners be put. Let the whiteman come govern us, they are just trying to help.

It is our problem, its root cause has to be tackled, we cannot dodge our responsiblities. I just can't and won't accept the fact that we can't. That we can never be able. I can't accept that the problems we are facing are bigger than us. If Africans are foolish, I'm NOT. I know, for a fact, that a significant portion of our population is ignorant, but not because of the fact that they are Africans. Big things have to be done. Let's clean up our institutions. Let's educate our people and make our system work for us and for the generations to come rather than rejoicing the downfall of one our own by sending them abroad for foreigners to punish them on our behalf. It's just not right.

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Fixated said...

Interesting stuff. But I think you missed out the part of economics. Im not advocating for communism but I strongly feel that capitalism is the root of tribalism in Kenya. I mean, if u look at our neighbor TZ at independence, Nyerere decided on a Socialist republic- one in which everyone would be equal, united under the banner of one language, one way of life and no inequality. The Ujamaa System. Nyerere has been heavily criticized mainly by the West for this (SURPRISE SURPRISE). However, a look at Tanzania proves everyone wrong- the economy is booming, and 'tribal' divisions are at a minimum, if any.

If you free make a point of reading this book which I found very insightful: How Europe Under-developed Africa, by Walter Rodney

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