Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was reading a book yesterday, I can't remember the title but it was about pacifism (before I say more, it's funny because in the preface it asked "...what if Saddam Hussein turns monstrous?" and I had to go back to the front page and check the year in which it was printed and published, 1994. I smiled, that ain't so way back. Also, who am I to say who is a monster nad who is not? But I smiled because I thought, human beings, we'll always face the same challenges.)

The only word I remember in the title of the book is non-violence. But the most interesting thing he said that I liked was that in the proffesion of journalism, which he is or was in, has individuals with world-class skill of telling it how the world is a mess but will never offer to be part of a solution either by proposing ideas or suggesting the way forward through a predicament. Now, I'm not a journalist but I know there are clauses somewhere that binds them to be neutral when it comes to such stuff.. I don't know, I didn't say it! another journalist did, I just concur.

You know when I don't like journalists? When they are all up in your face, flash lights, tiny recorders and all the noise from moving there lips like they are saying something, trying to ask something but you don't hear them. It's okay for those who like it, they can follow them. Here's an example; a wedding ceremony goes wrong and the bride runs off because another woman came to disrupt the whole thing with a baby in her arms claiming child support from the groom. Question is, how the hell do the the news cameras arrive at such scenes, a simple wedding in the hood? The groom and his people understandably trying to block the camera, but they just keep on, why!

"I'm just doing my job"- Their favourite line.

Well, go do your job at some other f***kin place! It's just sick, disgusting. I don't want to be embarrassed on behalf of anyone. Isn't there a law about invasion of privacy? Like when they caught that Cabinet Minister minding his business exiting a fancy hotel with a mistress, he did well wrestling that camera guy, but I'da killed him! Because that's snitching and unacceptable!

I hate the media for that. I HATE you! Passionately.

Lock up the snitches, only the snitches!

About the pacifism book, it was nice. Another interesting thing it said; there is nothing radical about thinking that the world can solve its problem without violence, that it was not radical to think that poverty can be eradicated and hunger taken care of. Think about that.

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