Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That's right, the American President has time for comic books and was very dissapointed at his cabinet when they failed to recognize his illusion of the comic series Savage Sword Of Conan!

According to the president,

"If my inner circle of advisers can't even communicate about the most basic issues, how are we going to tackle the massive problems our nation faces?"

He went ahead to say,

"When I tell my cabinet that getting bipartisan support is exactly like the time Conan got Taurus to help him steal Yara's jewel, they need to understand what I mean."

The Newest Gospel, Obama version.

Well, Mr. President, if i need to read Savage Sword Of Conan to understand my problems and how to solve them, who the hell am I to refute! I'm running to the stores right now to get my copy. Like you I'll become. And here I waste time reading a book titled The Principles Of Power Systems. Thanks for the hint, I hope other leaders will follow suit. Like Mugabe.

Read the whole story here.

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