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It is always a great pleasure for me to get tagged but before I attend to that I want to announce that this blog is approaching its first anniversary later this month, perhaps for that reason I did not anticipate just how difficult it would be to come out of December holidays into January with your writing charm intact! I should include this tiny element in my blogging equation come next year. But I think I’m pulling through just fine.

On to the main subject, the good rocker (I presume, judging from the username) who goes by the name rockhead tagged me, I’m supposed to write ten things about myself that the blogosphere might not know about me. Now, I have done this before here. Nevertheless I am doing this again and I have decided not to read the previous post in order to come up with a fresher, original me. So here it goes.

1. I have certainly forgotten what a day looks like at sunrise because I am so not a morning person! I sleep through most mornings and stay awake a good portion of the night. Dare nobody judge me though, I am not a bird and I’m not looking to catch any worms and this does not by any means render me lazy indolent. (Yeah, I’d rather be indolent that lazy. The word just sounds classy) Although I must admit, given the circumstances, this is going to change soon.

2. I get attached to objects, for example, and this for some uncanny reason reminds me of dogs, there is a particular plate in my house I insist eating on, a particular glass I must drink from… I wouldn’t even change my faulty mouse for my computer because its got ‘history’. One time the last of my favourite glasses broke, I couldn’t help to think of all the things I could have done that I didn’t that would have changed its fate, yet I wasn’t the one who dropped it on floor. Thoughts like, if only I could have been there… the memories bring tears to my eyes.

3. Seeing that half the objects I get attached to mentioned above are culinary objects, it won’t win you a medal if you guessed that I love good food, keyword being GOOD, then food follows. When I say good, don’t get it twisted please, I simply mean delicious! I don’t need to know what it is, but in addition to it being edible food, it should as well look edible.

4. I like compliments coming from the fairer sex, it tickles me. I might even try to get it out from them by giving subtle hints, and if it doesn’t work I sometimes find myself compulsively blabbering all the things I wanted to hear them say. And that’s when I’m misunderstood…

5. I have a weird habit of eating my nails! I remember this was included in the other post, I still do eat my nails. I nurture them until they grow to certain lengths and carefully ‘harvest’ them and chew them up one at a time. A good source of protein if you ask me. It may sound gross, well I don’t think it is, I clean them regularly!

6. I get exhausted from talking, I strongly believe its because of the fact that I am not a talker, I like to be alone most of the time. So when I engage in an argument or I contribute a lot at a gathering where there is a lot of story telling and laughter, I get tired of talking. My mouth just starts feeling different and my voice changes a bit, it becomes hoarse.

7. I talk to myself out loud it’s not even funny! Sometimes I’m tempted to think that I just like the sound of my voice.

8. The things I hate most on TV are those ‘oga’ movies (Nigerian movies), and I’m so close to breaking the TV screen because of those excuses of movies (?). They just make me sick, they are one of those things I propose people should atleast do in seclusion. Not a pretty scene at all, so to speak.

9. I find it somehow unsatisfactory when I shorten words for a text message so I end up writing every word in full. I usually have this notion in my head that when I shorten words, maybe the reader may not know what I meant to write. That in turn sparks a debate in my head about whether or not I took out too many letters so one by one I progressively add them until the word is in full. That way no one loses the debate in my head… don’t even ask anything.

10. *Sigh* Lastly, people don’t usually believe it, I fail to understand why, but I’m a first born. And so proud of it. I’m like the third parent in the house, that’s a big responsibility- to boss people around is not easy, it takes years of experience.

So there you have it folks, the things you didn’t know about Wyndago. Remember, you heard it here first.

Since I’m doing this the second time, I have technically told you close to twenty things about me that you didn’t know about my incredible self! Wow.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.

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rockhead said...

I would've called you weird but you said not to judge...
harvesting nails?
Pushing for compliments?
I too do the text msg thing sometimes and get tired of talking...
Hate Nigerian movies and not a morning person either
Off to read your previous ten things :-)

Wyndago said...


savvy said...

I hate Nigerian too...and soap operas!

Do you swallow your nails when you chew them?

As for text messaging, facebooking and everything else, I also write words in full.

Wyndago said...

@Savvy Most of the times i don't swallow, but sometimes i do. My stomach seems to have no problem with me swallowing nails.

gladys said...

lol @ number one, just the other day i was telling people i dont need to be an early bird cos i hate worms
we're so alike on most of what you posted

lulu said...

i am a loner too, i think we be alot alike

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