Monday, January 26, 2009


Oh my God I'm old! Yes, I found out the other day. This is how it happened.

I found myself in a discomfort zone, any grown person's last wish-I was in a matatu with more than a couple of boy high school kids. Well, they have nothing on me, I'm a big boy and wiser. The mat kicked some of that funky loud music. I was like "now, that's gansta" Some real deep hiphop... some Nas, Scarface,... some really old but tight joints.

Then all over sudden one of those punks raised his voice for the driver to change the music claiming its some whack shit! Guess what they wanted? That noisy, filthy, lyrically-empty a genre of music that is commonly known as CRUNK! I was perplexed and peeved at the same time! (just to use a few vocabs) In my day, which wasn't too long ago, we used to listed to Dre, Eminem, Nas and JayZ. Now they listen to Lil John, Soldier boy and, what's his name?

Then it dawned on me, I felt like my father. What do you enjoy in that noise you're listening to?
I have become old. So fast to even notice it. These "modern kids" don't know what real music is. Beats have become so fundamental in songs, vocal are due to be dropped soon. I prophesize. They are going to use ocmputers to make funny noises instead, let alone lip synching.

I solemnly pray for the generation that comes after the one behind me.

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Fixated said...

Aaah don't even get me started... That stuff shouldn't be classified as music, its just a whole lot of NOISE!

Screamer said...

I know! It sickens me to my stomach. So what do you listen to?

Fixated said...

Mostly reggae... Other than the occasional song about weed, I feel there's a message about freedom and struggle.
So, horoscopes eh?? Which paper should I buy?!

Mama said...

Hehehehehehhehehe! Welcome to my world! Funny thing I have been thinking of doing a similar kind of post with different kind of music though, which to some extent Fixated has highlighted.

Fixated, I know exactly what you mean.......I dont really hate reggae but I have a problem singing along to songs like 'Am a ganja planter' hehehehehehehehe!

Shiko-Msa said...

Loool now we have ganja planters on screamer?

I don't mind Reggae. I particularly love Lucky Dube. Someone really had to kill him?! Eish.

Otherwise I'm also stuck with the old when it comes to music. Songs that had lyrics and substance. And not the overly emphasized like kina Whitney and Maria Carey. Generally I've tolerant with any music except the modern noise they're making.

Screamer said...

Ai, fixated.. reggae? Huh. Ironically, I like the ones about ganja. Kwanza the one that goes "..we've been smockin ganja for, a very long time now". And Bob, that's where my reggae liking ends.

As for horoscopes, just tell me your sign I don't want to disclose my sources. You may suck all the charm from it and lower it to 25%,the chances of it becoming true.

And mama, go ahead and write that blog.

Shiko-Msa since you are music tolerant, how about taarab?

Shiko-Msa said...

Oh I love Taarab. That I'm not just tolerant I actually listen to their sarcasms and hidden naughty messages. Seeing that I'm amidst Taarab enthusiasts at the coast that I'm sure is not surprising Lol.

Screamer said...

I guess I should look at it from this angle, at least I know one person who loves Taarab. Only BIG women love Taarab.

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