Friday, January 16, 2009


Ever since the grand coalition came to existence on that historic day of the signing of the accord (anyone out there know what the accord entailed?), everything went grand in this country- grand ignorance, grand poverty, grand abuse of human rights, even grand corruption went grand! And it's a record, three scandals in one year! All grand. Hand claps. These people make us look like simpletons, and we are!

In yesterday's news the president was literally begging for donor aid , he said "help us... even if we have rogues" Its not bad to ask for help, what is ironic is that that same government dismiss those same diplomats as "interfering with internal affairs" when they comment negatively on the government, claiming Kenya doesn't need them, we can fend for ourselves. True, they do interfere with our internal affairs and I don't like it. Let's just prove to them that we don't need them, but if we do then we have no choice. It will only mean that we have another battle to fight to absolutely break free from dependency on the west.

Back to the main point. The root of the problems we are facing in our country lies in us, our leaders are just the reflection of who we really are as a people. When I watched the news yesterday it got me raving mad, because it is my image as a Kenyan that these politicians are tarnishing. Then I thought, if I had the chance of enriching myself overnight through dubious means, would I do it? I promised myself I would never do it, if it made me that angry, that ashamed that other people are doing it... but then I honestly don't know. I heard it somewhere that you can't fight the system, you can't change it, it changes you. How true that is, I don't know.

I tend to feel that we bear part of the blame, that we have blatantly greedy, stupid and uncaring leaders no matter how educated they may be. We voted for them, but no that is not the crime we committed. How could we have known? They are good liars. Those people did not fall from the sky, they came from amongst us, the society made them, WE made them, that is the crime we perpetrated. Plus putting all our trust in them, and that. Our leaders are us, they show the kind of people we are.

Young people say they would never vote again, I say that's cowardly and detrimental to ourselves, the youthful. Most youth even say that they don't like politics, terming it as boring and bullshit. That is alarming. Young people; we can't afford to not get involved in politics in our country. It may be okay in the US.

I'm back in college from my attachment, my colleagues in the pharmacy department boast of how much money they made during their attachment from stolen drugs! "How cool!", everyone thinks. Everyone thinks nothing of it, except maybe me. Though I didn't say shit. That is how we start, that is how we breed them. Well, they are students... broke students, it wouldn't hurt nobody if they stole a carton out of hundreds of them, would it? See, those students will grow and graduate to stealing maize bags meant for the hungry, a hundred thousand of them. Perhaps it is in our blood. Perhaps that's why these powerful government officials wouldn't prosecute any of these culprits- they think nothing of what those curtails did. Grand does not become grand overnight.

We give birth to them, they look cute when they are little but they grow to be ugly as fuck!

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mungai lio said...

the last part is awesome...good start you had

Wyndago said...

Hey, you commented on my blog, thanks! The first comment on my very first blog post... that's special. I was so... I don't know, passionate about things when I started.

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