Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since because I'm at war with my human brain, I oftenly find myself doing the opposite of what is already there. I have this urge to make everything balance. For example, if you told me that Tom is guilty of some wrongdoing and everyone is pointing fingers at him. I will be compelled to think; what about the people behind the scenes whom we can't see? The people who may have played a part in Tom's crimes. Maybe something (if not someone) pushed him to do it. He may be guilty but who are we to say? Did anyone see him do it? I am dragged into this situation or state of mind simply because no one else is convinced that Tom is innocent. In such cases I'd rather be sure myself.

Even in movies, I get attracted to the villain' side and pray that they don't get caught... yep, you guessed it- because everyone wants them to get caught! Sometimes I do this subconciously. I just can't keep my attention off the rusty side of the coin when the rest of the world's attention is on the other side. I guess my brain has picked up this info and made into a pattern and so I'm back to mental slavery, whatever that is supposed to mean.

My favourite time when I'm home is news time, but only when only my old man is watching. My father is a very funny guy during news time, unfortunately he mostly makes fun of bad situations Well, the news is mostly bad news. You should know he is pro ODM, obviously. I don't really kno what I'm pro. But when the arguments begin (it won't be news without them), my father get at it and you already know, I would seem to be pro PNU (though I'm really not). Just to create some sort of balance. Somebody has to represent their point of view where they have no representation. For that my father says I'm brainwashed by Okuyus. Find me among Kuyus and I'm for ODM. Not because I support or agree with them, just for the balance!

If there were balance mechanism in the universe, it would be a very just world. Or maybe it exists... and I'm part of that mechanism?

How does your human brain play tricks on you?

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