Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was thinking out loud the other day when I wondered, "why are the hardest workers paid the least?" Think about it, from the those mkokoteni guys doing their thing distributing and transporting loads hundreds of times more than their own weight. Or have you seen how those construction people burst a sweat at their jobs, the mjengo people?

Then someone burst my bubble as a I was day dreaming that lazy afternoon when he said "who said they work the hardest?" Here was his argument: as much as their work demanded a lot muscular strain, it wasn't a "hard" job to do because they don't need to think much when they did their job. They just did it, to us who are not used to that much strain, we think it is hard but to them they are okay. It's nothing, just the same way how good a blind man can be good at finding his way around with his stick. We could see it as much trouble for him but to him its nothing.

White collar jobs on the other hand, those are the tricky one since you need to think at every step of your of your job execution. You have to make a decisions and fast. Imagine an architect trying to come up with a design for new house within a specified period of time. And by the time he finishes, the client must like the end product. Visualize the stress that he might be going through and the pressure he carries on his shoulder. Doing the same thing over and over again but differently, how hard is it to stay relevant and original?

Thinking is hard, i get, now that I'm thinking it.

So who do you think is working the hardest, the CEO or the construction worker?

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