Friday, January 23, 2009

POLITICIANS AND CAMERAS!! -Wekesa Scolded By Kibaki.

Show this picture below to any politician and he will tell you it's what they want to see infront of them all the time. They always crave for attention will not let the slightest opportunity to lie to a crowd slip away.

Okay, maybe it's their trait. You have to pose for the cameras to become a good politician. You have to make the news. Its like a promotional stunt, like when 50 cent shot one of The Game's crew members on the leg. You have to make the news and say what people want to hear!

But is there a slight possibility of doing this decently? I mean, why call a press conference to condemn a fellow cabinet minister and to demand for his resignation when you sit on the same table during cabinet meetings, it's not like the guy is lost or can't be found or something, he is right there! Wouldn't it be easier to just say it to his face rather than tell it to us at a funeral ceremony or a wedding when you know the cameras are rolling? Or picking up the phone and calling, that isn't bad.

You see, when things don't go the way they want they start making stupid threats. "If you people don't want to listen then I will spill the beans and give out the list of names of the culprits who did this and that" Its like, "if you don't shut up I just might do the right thing and you will end up in jail!". Please... and the press will be right there to capture the drama. Their presence just agitates the politicians, that's why you see them whirl out and burst to song and dance when they see cameras.

Whistle blowers are supposed to be the good guys, right? But the motive counts, that which drives him to blow that whistle. Politicians are careful to do this, because they might be caught in the same trap. When they blow any whistle it's because they became and desperate and the other party just became too difficult to handle. They do it when their political might is at stake or undermined. But a camera is always present.

Politicians of all people should know the protocol to follow according to the laws, rules and regulations set for each situation. It seems in their book the only step to follow is to call for a press conference. Talking where it doesn't matter much. The tax issue for example, most of them claim they want to pay and that they should pay taxes... but they only say it outside parliament, again making sure of the presence of cameras.

I don't know who sent the honourable Wekesa out to call that news conference, and condemn the PM. It was so embarrassing for me to hear how the president told him off at yesterday's cabinet meeting. It would have saved him a lot of humiliation if he had just faced the PM. Plus it would have proved his bravery.

I suggest we put away the cameras and see how they handle their differences. But I love the drama though, I suggest you watch yourself lest you get engulfed by it. I urge you not to take them serious.

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