Thursday, January 22, 2009


Those type of headlines on those stupid magazines make me sick! These days they even come in motivational books; 10 secrets to success, 7 sure signs of cheating, how to blah blah... jeez, stop already! I like to read but with those kind of headlines I'm going to lose my litteral appettite and I might not eat at all! Oops, I just puked a little... in my mouth. It might have worked for some people but, not for me. (It's like blind-dating, does that really work?) What a scam!

Truth is, there are no secrets. I have read those articles and they don't tell me anything I don't already know, they are all filled with the same mendacity that they keep recycling.

If you read motivational books you could be okay. I realize most peolple who calim to be readers in Kenya actually read motivational books. How to become rich and the likes. I have news for you, you are not a reader you just happen to read books. To me it just sounds like a desperate move, just as is blind dating. I just noticed how much alike these two situations are. So let me break it down and do the comparison.

What motivational book reading says about you is this; you are not brave enough to go out to live your life on your own, you need a coach. You are too lazy to learn and discover your environment on your own, you want to be guided and you are seeking for a shortcut, a pathway that someone else followed so that you don't get bruised from the thickets on the journey of life.

Blind dating is quite the similar. You just can't handle rejection or maybe you can't even make that first move perhaps because you don't make an adorable first impression and are therefore looking for someone who will love you for you. That's because they don't get to judge you from your impression, how lame.

But being a human being who has been in the world and seen how things operate, I appreciate that suckers are born every second and they make our society whole. I won't judge you if you do any of the above.

Disclaimer: The points made on this article were not fully thought through, and therefore the writer won't take full responsibity for them and the emotions they may cause to the reader. If you are a sucker, it may make you feel better to note that the writer hails from a town where motivational book-reading and blind-dating are prohibitated by the law.

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Shiko-Msa said...

Oh motivational, selfhelp, inspirational books. I bought a few coz everyone seemed to be buying them at some point. But honestly I found then a bit too obvious. Stuff we already know.

Some of them have foreign ideas which will not do here.

Thanks for visiting me. Blog on!

Screamer said...

That's the thing, everyone is buying them! I think I have just been stroke by a genius idea, why not write a couple of them!

Its like eating junk food. Its tasty but not good for you as such.

And you're welcome Shiko-msa

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