Wednesday, January 21, 2009


No, no. Not mad men, that's actually them- the members. Those are the honourables that we vested with the duty of making the law. The law that only serve their interest. It is very alarming to note that a large number of people of about 210 can converge at the house and put aside the interest of the rest of the country and meet their own. Not even one person with moral values could stand up and say nay? Not one?!

This country is more divided now than it has ever been, but still I wouldn't blame our greedy leaders even if they incite crowds and generate hate through tribalism. They just take advantage of what is already there. We like to make excuses and let them get away. We make lots of noise but our voices fade away. We lose focus so quickly.

"So what do you want us to do?", Haven't you heard that phrase, the power is in the people? Why do I keep thinking that democracy isn't the best system for us? Because I feel like we cannot achieve the simple goal of choosing and identifying a leader. Most of the population doesn't even know what they want from there government. Okay, they want everything for free. They want the impossible! This is because, I bet, they don't know government works. They don't even clearly know the powers of the president. Information and the power of judgment is what we lack.

Enough about our shortcomings. Our mad men on the other hand are clueless. We cry to them for help and but they cry along with us. We tell them we are suffering, they ask us how they can help. They act like they are desperate to offer us help but they don't they have no idea HOW!
So they opt for the easy way out, dishing out money and freebies to calm people for a while... but the problems come back to haunt us.

IDP's were handed cash, starving people are given relief food, unemployment? They set up a youth fund, women cried foul- a fund was set up for them as well. Are you satisfied yet, no? There, take that, it's money for the CDF fund. Any more problems? There's plenty more money left, not for the teacher's salaries though. That is asking for too much. Isn't primary education free? Problem solved! Fend for your own selves, the government is not responsible for you!

That is the wrong approach, short term solutions work well with us people of short memories though. That is why these events keep recurring and these mad men keep multiplying. Their offsprings being more daring and bold as we still ask ourselves; "but what can we do? They have guns, what do we have?"

Let's get people with visions who will show us practicle solutions that will yield results. Creative people, regardless of tribe. Sometmes I get scared, because I get the feeling we are breeing nation of mad men!

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